That day I woke up when the sun had already started shining through the glass windows of the hostel room I was staying in. Is there even a better day to start an amazing journey throughout the ancient and mysterious Bruges that everyone has always been talking about?

After getting ready, I began to depart from my hostel and casually stroll down to the city center. As I stepped out of the door, the beautiful scene opened in front of my eyes were so spellbinding that I could not help but take a deep breath and inhale all of this precious moment. Old houses built with medieval architecture is impossible not to recognize, especially with Brick Gothic imprinted on each and every house I pass by. Small shops along the road were all meticulously and elegantly designed which created an even more fairytale-ish aura to the city.

After a short walk of only about 15 minutes I finally reached the Kerskmarkt in the middle of Grote Markt. Instead of walking straight to the famous Belfort of the city, the colorfulness of the market captured me with glittery goods from cute beanies, gloves, and Christmas socks to glow caramel-dipped apples with the mesmerizing smell of roasted chestnuts radiating through the cold air. After wandering around the market and a good exhausting 15 minutes of climbing and climbing, I finally got to the top of the Belfort. The view afterwards was indeed worthwhile and breathtaking, with houses with red roofs spreading out before my eyes. Has this kind of beauty had always stayed here all this time, within this magnificent scenery which has always kept being stereotyped as ordinary and non-symbolic?

After getting off the Belfort, I stopped by the famous Friterie to get some fries. The crunchy smell of fries with the spicy yet creamy taste of the Andalouse sauce could not get more inviting, and I can’t imagine having fries this tasty ever again in my life. As my energy was recharged, I continued the day by strolling through the open galleries with works of art from up-and-coming artists along the main streets, stopped by some random chocolate stores just to wow at how delicately Belgians can turn cocoa beans into these tiny beautiful pieces of art and finally came to a food truck at Burg Square to enjoy a piece of waffle. The taste of the snack itself was wonderful enough without its toppings: tender and sugary on the inside but hot and crunchy on the outside, and the sweet and soft touch of the whipping cream just added more to its already wonderful flavor. As I sat down on a bench to take a rest in the middle of the large square, the familiar bell from the Basilica of the Holy Blood started to ring, as if the air has not been filled with holiday spirit yet. Indeed, Christmas is coming.

Okay so far that’s it <3 hope you enjoyed my short story and here are some extra pictures cause why not Xd




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